Past events

The group began after Chris Marriott suggested we might like an art group in Ruddington in 2019 and the first meeting to set up the society was in The Framebreakers pub on 7th November 2019.

1.    Wednesday 27thNovember 2019, art displayed at The Black Cat café in Ruddington.

2.    Tuesday 10thDecember, 2019 members meeting/Christmas social at St Peter’s Rooms in Ruddington. 


3.    Tuesday 14thJanuary 2020, Watercolour painting by Peter Johnson-Marshall at St Peter’s rooms.

4.    Wednesday 12thFebruary 2020, acrylic painting “Into the Woods” by Debra Webster 

5.    Wednesday 11thMarch 2020, “Unlocking your Creativity” by Ken Marsden at The Next Episode.

6.    Thursday 19thMarch, Meetings cancelled due to COVID Lockdown

7.    Lockdown art competition during summer 2020

8.    Sunday 9thAugust 2020, plein air painting/sketching in Rushcliffe Country Park

9.    Tuesday 6thOctober 2020, 2021 calendars delivered and distributed for sale

10.  Wednesday 7thOctober 2020, Watercolour session at The Next Episode


11.  Wednesday 9thJune 2021 Committee Meeting 

12.  Thursday 1stJuly 2021 Perspective session at The Next Episode

13.  Thursday 15thJuly 2021, Nottingham Castle visit

14.  Thursday 2ndSeptember 2021, Perspective (Advanced) by Chris Marriott at Kitchens by Mascari

15.  Friday 10thSeptember 2021, Ruddington Makers Night in St Peter’s church

16.  Thursday 7thOctober 2021, Martin Basson, Wildlife photographer at Kitchens by Mascari

17.  Thursday 4thNovember 2021, “Interior Design and Art” by Ren Mascari at Kitchens by Mascari

18.  Thursday 2nd December 2021 Christmas social at the Next Episode


19.  Thursday 3rd February 2022 Portrait Drawing with Paul Lillie at the Framework Knitter Museum

20.  Thursday 3rd March 2022 Art in Prehistory presentation by David Osborne

21.  Thursday 7th April, Pastels with David Green

22.  World Art Day 15th April. Free family session in the Framework Knitters Museum

23.  Thursday 5th May, Hare Sculpture

24.  Saturday 7th May, art exhibition and sale in the Framework Knitters Museum 

25.  Thursday 9th June 2022 Fox clay sculpture 

26.  Thursday 7th July 2022 Still Life/Negative Space with Helena Tyce

27. Thursday 4th August, looking at colour theory and techniques

28. Landscape painting with Paul Lillie

29 RACS exhibition opening night drinks on 3rd September

30. Thursday 6th October 2022, Abstarct painting with Phil Hall

31. Thursday 3rd Nov 2022 - Buildings a guide to perspective drawing.

32. 5th November White Horse craft market


33. January 11th 2023 to February 8th Exhibition of members work in the gallery on D floor at the QMC

34. February 2nd. Landscape painting with Shelley Munn

35. March 2nd Squirrel sculpting in air dried clay with Christopher M.

36. April 6th Puffin in watercolour with Lynda Mayfield

37. 4th May Watercolour buidlings in pen and ink withHelen Woodford

38. 1st June Geli plate printing with Faye

39. 6th July Life Drawing with Helena Tyce

40. August session with Chris Marriott on colour theory on buildings

41. September Screen printing with Claire Goldthorpe

42. October 2023 watercolour flowers with Lynda Mayfield

43. Wire fish sculpture with Christopher M. November 2023

44. Christmas gnomes with Chris 7/12/2024

45. AGM St Peters rooms

46. Gelli plate printing

47. Sally Ann Brackett-Mixed media using acrylic & tissue paper